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Pass A Note 2.1 2.1 Free

Pass notes to your friends and colleagues without ever drawing attention to yourself! Beam both messages and drawings that you create! Great fun and best of all its absolutely FREE!!! Available in...

PICQ Unified Instant Messenger 0.8.5 0.8.5 Free

First true unified and interactive instant messaging software for Palm VII and Palm Vx with Omnisky modem. It features: - a buddy list, - 2-way realtime messaging over the ICQ network, - history,...

PCPilot 1.0.0 1.0.0 Free

PCPilot gives you the ability to control MS PowerPoint®, Windows Media Player® or iTunes® on your Windows PC from your Palm device

Yodlee2Go for the Palm V and III 2.4 2.4 Free

Yodlee2Go for the Palm III and V allows you to view your travelreservations, bank and billing statements, and stock portfolios on yourPalm. Simply download the Yodlee2Go application (it's free),...

iSiloX 4.27 4.27 Free

iSiloX converts content to the iSilo 3.x document format for reading with iSilo. Content can be located on the Web or in files on your local or network drives.Supported file formats include HTML,...

PDA GSM Dialer calls your partner 1.8 1.8 Free

Telephone connections over IR and Bluetooth

PhonEvents 1.0 1.0 Free

PhonEvents alerts the Mute switch ON and many events during a call.

SMS Tones Os 3.0-5.4 5.4 Free

Do you have few SMS Tones in your mobile? Don't worry there are more than 40+ mp3 Ringtones.

funSMS 4 Xplore GSM 4.0.2 4.0.2 Free

funSMS 4 Xplore GSM makes sending and managing SMS messages more simple and convenient than ever before!

PhoneTime 0.4 0.4 Free

PhoneTime uses GSM 07.07 protocol (found in most cellular phones with a built-in IR modem) to set your cell phone's time from your PDA. At this time, PhoneTime has been tested with Siemens and...