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BacklightOn 1.5 1.5 Free

FREEWARE - This app will turn on the backlight of your m505 every time you turn your Palm on. This app differs from the "official" Palm app in several ways: - There is never any user interface. It...

Food Wallet 0.3.0 0.3.0 Free

Keep track of your college dining dollars and eaten meals. Food Wallet is generalized so it can be used at most schools.

eXtra Icons for Iambic 1.0 1.0 Free

gives you additional icons for use with AllMoney by iambic Software

Raid Disk Sizer 1.5 1.5 Free

Raid Disk Sizer 1.5 will help you configure your Disk RAID 5 subsystem. It will tell you how many disks is required, disks group size and number of group required per Gigabytes.

WebColor 0.95 0.95 Free

WebColor is a PocketC applet that converts decimal RGB triplets into hex RGB triplets, and vice versa. In addition, it will calculate the closest browser safe color to the triplets entered, and...

CompDB 1.2 1.2 Free

Freeware CompDB is an IT helper application that I wrote to assist me in supporting my PC based network users. It is designed with a Windows NT based network in mind but is very flexible and should...

EasyConvert for FontSmoother and Plucker fonts 1.32 1.32 Free

EasyConvert is a free Windows program that easily converts Windows TrueType TTF (and Type 1 if you have ATM) fonts to FontSmoother, Plucker or PalmBible+ smooth (antialiased) font formats....

Droid fonts for Plucker and PalmBible+ 1.00 1.00 Free

Smooth Droid (Android) fonts for Plucker and PalmBible+, in multiple sizes.

NS Basic/Palm OS Demo Edition 5.0 5.0 Free

NS Basic for Palm OS is a complete, powerful development environment. You can write and test your BASIC program on the desktop, then download it to your device to run it. This is a free demo of the...

Trader.bas 1.0 1.0 Free

Trader is a day trading stock market game for the Palm computer. It was written completely on the Palm, using HowPaw BASIC. The object of the game is to accumulate as much wealth as possible by the...